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15-17 September 2021:
CISM Combined Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (course information)
29 September 2021:
**NEW** The Secrets of Psychological Body Armor ™ – Holistic Wellness for Emergency Services and Healthcare Professions (course information)
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PSA Ltd. can help build operational effectiveness across all levels within an organisation to enhance dynamic, responsive and high performing teams.  We do this through training in Crew Resource Management and Post Incident Support training.  PSA Ltd. has experienced and qualified practitioners who can support individuals and teams whose personnel have experienced traumatic and/or stressful events.

PSA Ltd specialises in delivering direct support to individuals and teams that have been exposed to traumatic or stressful events and also runs either bespoke or general training courses. 

Courses & Events 


PSA Ltd runs training courses and events relating to peer support through out the year.  



We proudly support professionals at all levels in aviation, healthcare, the emergency services, education and the private sector in the UK/Europe.


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