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Crew/Team Resource Training Courses

Crew/Team Resource Management (C/TRM) is based on human factors.  It is where we focus on optimising human performance through a greater understanding of the behaviour of individuals, how they interact with each other and with their environment. By using all available resources and acknowledging human limitations, CRM offers ways to minimise and mitigate human frailties, with the aim of reducing error and improving safety and care of staff.

C/TRM covers:

  • Human error

  • Workload management

  • Teamwork and behaviour

  • Communication

  • Decision making

  • Fatigue Management

  • Stress

  • Resilience Development

  • Situational awareness and vigilance

  • Case studies

We are experienced instructors in aviation and healthcare, former Civil Aviation Authority licensed, now European Aviation Safety Authority compliant and have been working with NHS organisations for over 5 years.

Post Incident Support

We can respond with ICISF qualified practitioners who can be deployed to support individuals or teams who have been subjected to traumatic or stressful events.

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Peer Support Training Courses

PSA Ltd delivers more general courses throughout the year using its own staff, partners and international guest speakers from the world of peer support. Click here to see our up and coming events.

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